Here’s the truth:

You don’t need to be that smart to become successful with affiliate marketing.

Your success is NOT dependent on your IQ.

Smarter people might do well in school, but a higher IQ is not linked to a successful life or online business.

I know many people who are WAY smarter than me but aren’t nearly as successful…

And I know a lot of people who make MORE money than me, but aren’t as smart…

At first I was a bit discouraged when I noticed the second point:

“How can Tony be that successful, when I know he’s not that smart? I’m way smarter than him and he’s killing it!”

Here’s the deal:

You don’t have to be that smart to make money online, especially with affiliate marketing.

You just need to know WHAT to do, and stay consistent.

The people who are successful with affiliate marketing are the people who work hard, stay consistent, and don’t give up. Your work ethic and overall strategy is WAY more valuable than your IQ.

This is actually good news for everyone, including you.

If you’re really smart that’s awesome. You’re off to a good start. But if you’re not super sharp, that’s totally OK.

It’s MUCH easier to improve your work ethic than it is to GET smarter.

Sure you can learn more and become more knowledgeable, but get smarter… I think that’s pretty hard.

It’s way easier to have someone explain what you should be doing to become successful with affiliate marketing, rather than go figure it out all on your own. So all you need to do is stay consistent, which does not require a high IQ at all.

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