I’ll never forget when my dad asked me:

“Are you still working on your bullshit website?”

My dad is a bit old school.

He’s a tough carpenter who finally learned how to use email and YouTube in his late 60s. So I never really took his comment personally… but I never forgot it either.

The truth is, most family and friends don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, or that you can build a business online that makes money.

They have no clue!

Heck, my wife still thinks it’s crazy that you can make money from affiliate marketing. So most people don’t understand it at all.

When you’re trying to build your own business, people around you probably won’t support you. Mediocrity will try and pull you back to its level.

It’s very strange, but the sad truth is that for most people, their friends and family don’t really want to them succeed and do better than them.

If you tell your friends and family right now that you want to build your own online business, they will laugh, they won’t believe in you, or at best they won’t really pay attention.

If you’re super lucky you might have a family member who actually supports you no matter what, but trust me those are not very common.

But what’s great about the internet is that there are groups and communities of like-minded people who want to hear about your accomplishments, and want to share success stories with you.

That’s what we’re doing in the Affiliate Marketing That Works private community.

Instead of talking with your friends and family about affiliate marketing, which they know NOTHING about, you should join a group with other marketers who are doing exactly what you want to do.

This is where you can get support and answers to your questions.

It’s where you can avoid the disappointment from the lack of support by your friends and family. Unfortunately in most situations, they can’t help you succeed, and in fact will do the opposite.

So come get more info here: