In November 2018, I had my best month ever for that year.

But get this:

I also worked on my business the least that month!

During the first week I was away at a conference. During the 2nd and 3rd weeks I was busy with a home renovation project.

Apart from checking emails, I only worked on my business during the last week of the month.

During the ENTIRE month I maybe put in 10 hours of work MAX, yet my business had record earnings.

That is how powerful this business model can be.

But it wasn’t always sunshine and roses for me…

The truth is, there’s no such thing as easy money, even online.

Sure all these “gurus” will shout this at you in YouTube ads, or show you how their students are making millions of dollars per year. They’re trying to tell you that it’s so simple. But easy money does not exist in my opinion.

Some of these earning reports might be real, but the marketers fail to disclose how much work these people put into their businesses.

It took me years to build my business to a point where I only worked 10 hours a whole month and my business did record sales. I did not build that income overnight.

So before you get super excited and think you’re going to be a millionaire in a few months, you need a quick reality check.

You can become super successful with affiliate marketing, but it does take some work.

But the most important thing to remember is that there is an EASIER way to do things.

If you follow the WRONG strategy with affiliate marketing and you don’t do things correctly, it will take you years to become successful (most people give up before they get there). I know this from personal experience.

So as long as you follow the correct plan and strategy, you will be on the easier path to success, but you will still need to walk and climb to that destination.

Don’t take the long way!

Most people end their journeys on the long way and give up.

Take the right path and keep going.

I outline the strategy and plan I think will give you the best chance of success with affiliate marketing below.

It’s the plan I finally figured out after failing for years.

Review it here: