Over the years, I’ve wasted so much time worrying about the look of my websites.

I’ve spent days adjusting the fonts, changing the colours, and updating the overall design.

Bottom line:

If you’re just a beginner, this is NOT a good use of your time.

If you’re using WordPress, get a super simple theme like GeneratePress, and worry about the other important tasks you should be doing.


GeneratePress has a free theme and some premium options. It’s an amazing theme to start a website with.

But to answer the question honestly:

Yes web design does matter, but not when you’re just starting out.

You can set up everything with a free WordPress theme from GeneratePress.

As long as your site loads fast and is mobile friendly, you don’t need to worry about all the bells and whistles just yet.

Once you start getting a good amount of web traffic, THEN you can look to optimize your design for your specific audience.

But worrying about this when you first launch your website is a complete waste of time and energy. Trust me, I’ve wasted many days doing this and totally regret it.

Start with a simple design, and start building traffic to your site.

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