Does affiliate marketing even work anymore?..

I understand where this question comes from.

We’ve all had this thought. Especially when we’re just starting out.

It can be fuelled by uncertainty, and sometimes bad information.

When you’re just starting out, it’s hard to believe that you can ACTUALLY earn money online.

When someone like me says to do this or that, it’s sometimes hard to believe what I’m saying will work.

But I can tell you from experience, we all remember that first dollar we make online.

It lets us know that this stuff REALLY works.

However, I know that uncertainty and negative thoughts will creep into your mind.

You’ll start to wonder if it’s even possible for you.

I can only tell you so many times about how it works. Eventually you will trust me, or unsubscribe…

But it’s pretty hard to ignore statistics like this:

  • Over 80% of brands have adopted affiliate marketing
  • Over 80% of marketers leverage the power of affiliate marketing
  • 16% of all online orders are done through affiliate marketing

80% of brands and marketers are doing affiliate marketing!

This business model isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, over the last 5 years, revenue from affiliate marketing programs has been growing by 10% per year.

Affiliate marketing is not dead. It’s growing.

You gotta get started.

You need to ride this wave.

I share exactly what I do to earn a full time income from affiliate marketing through this training: