I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately and this one seems to come up a lot:

My question is, do you know how much money I should invest in this business per month!? Like a rough estimate?

Here’s the truth:

You can literally be successful with affiliate marketing with just a website. So this will cost you around $70 for the first year!

That’s your rent for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Can you believe that?

Think about any other business. You need to buy inventory, pay rent for an office, hire employees….

Sometimes I look at local bakeries or empty restaurants and wonder how the heck they pay their rent each month.

So what’s the catch?

Why isn’t everyone doing affiliate marketing?

Well there is one thing which you do need to pay for with this business model.

Your time.


You can’t afford to lose your time. It’s the one thing you can’t replace.

You will probably end up spending money on certain marketing tools or perhaps an upgraded website design, but the majority of your cost will be your time.

This is why it’s so important to get on the right path with affiliate marketing, and not waste your time. Your time is irreplaceable.

I know people who have been struggling for years trying to be successful online.

The problem usually comes down to a lack of focus, and a bad strategy.

There are a few correct ways to be successful with affiliate marketing, but also a bunch of wrong things you can do, which will cost you time that you can’t afford to lose.

So save your precious time and review the strategy that I use to build successful affiliate marketing businesses.

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