I watched a recent YouTube video from a successful entrepreneur named Alex Becker.

He was talking about mistakes he’s made after making millions of dollars.

There was a quote which related so well to me:

“Once you’ve made your first business and it’s working, you need to look back because I guarantee you there’s a trail of devastation behind you.”

It’s so true.

  • I have boxes of notepads in my basement filled with bad marketing ideas.
  • I have websites with dozens of pages which are just sitting in limbo, waiting to get finished.
  • I have business courses and programs I’ve bought and never started.

My path to success was not pretty.

My first affiliate marketing businesses were NOT built on a solid foundation. I made a bunch of mistakes along the way.

So instead of expanding my first few businesses, what I did was look back and refine my system.

I wanted to create an affiliate marketing machine. A system that I can use to repeat all the good things that I’ve done, and eliminate all the bad stuff.

And that’s what I did when I created Affiliate Marketing That WORKS.

10 years later I have a solid system which I just rinse and repeat.

This is the reason why I’m sharing my knowledge and teaching my strategy.

It has a strong foundation which anyone can be successful with.

Avoid your trail of devastation and learn about my system here: