Choosing a topic for your affiliate marketing business can be hard.

As I stated in the 5 Step Blueprint:

“There’s no special formula you can run which will spit out profitable niches.”

It requires a bit of research and brainstorming.

But I have some good news for you:

I can share 6 business topics you should absolutely avoid.

Avoiding these topics can save you a ton of time and money.

1. Make Money Online

Don’t start your first business about making money online, or internet marketing. It’s super competitive.

2. Medical Topics (Weight Loss)

Some health topics can be great, but I would recommend you avoid anything to do with medical treatments, diseases, and weight loss. If you have a really unique way to talk about weight loss and fitness that can work, but a business about general fitness tips will take you a long time to be successful.

3. Web Hosting

If you do any searches for the “best affiliate programs”, web hosting is always on the list. It pays well, and a lot of people buy it. However, it’s EXTREMELY competitive. You will be up against some big websites and you will have a hard time making this work.

4. Food and Recipes

Unless you have a very brandable and unique approach to food and cooking, the recipe niche is not worth getting into. The commissions aren’t great, and there are so many food blogs out there. Again, if you have a unique approach, or you target a very specific type of food, it could work, but there isn’t a ton of money in this niche.

5. Technology

Affiliate marketing can work for tech products and gadgets, but don’t build a “technology blog”. You need to really niche down to a specific area. If you plan to review iPhones and TVs, you will find it pretty hard to be successful, unless you can stand out, and stay on top of all the new products.

6. Fashion

Fashion is probably the biggest affiliate marketing niche. This means there are tons of people and big businesses competing against each other. It can totally work for you, but again don’t build a “Men’s Fashion Blog”, or a “Women’s Makeup Blog”. Targeting a specific type of fashion or a new trend can work, but it’s not always an “evergreen topic”. What people want this year they might not want next year.

It’s important to note that these are GENERAL recommendations.

Sure you can be successful with these topics, but there are way easier options out there. Also, some of these topics can work if you really niche down.

For strategies on choosing the perfect topic for your affiliate marketing business, check out my training here: